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Cruise Packages: Family Fun

photo of boys exploring the shore of No Name Island in Charleston Harbor.
Exploring the shore of No Name
Island in Charleston Harbor.

Fun in Charleston is spelled B-O-A-T-I-N-G. Take your family on a chartered cruise of the harbor and see historical sites and the city from this unique view. Anchor off of one of many islands and let the kids go swimming or wade ashore for some serious coastal exploring. While the kids are swimming, you can take advantage of the opportunity to do something you never get to do – relax, enjoy the sun and read.

You are welcomed to bring along a picnic basket or we can cater a lunch or snacks for you. Spend quality time with your family away from the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Charleston.

Come on board!

All boats are captained by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed personnel and meet U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements. Call Pegasus Charters at (843) 276-4203 or Click here. We’ll be happy to set up a sailing adventure for you!